Discover the Heart of Kakheti on a Two-Day Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of Kakheti, an enchanting region in eastern Georgia renowned as the cradle of wine. SkyAtlantida invites you to join our two-day tour, immersing yourself in the breathtaking natural landscapes and rich cultural tapestry that define Kakheti. Unveil the secrets of this remarkable destination as you delve into its history, architecture, cuisine, and, of course, its world-class wines.

Day One:
Your adventure commences at 9:00 am, where our comfortable private car will collect you at your hotel’s entrance, ready to transport you to a world of wonder. Our first stop will be the Old and New Shuamta Monasteries, nestled serenely amidst lush forests. These architectural marvels will captivate you with their timeless beauty. The Old Shuamta Monastery, dating back to the 5th century, showcases a magnificent 17th-century domed church, while the New Shuamta Monastery, erected between 1520 and 1574, presents an awe-inspiring testament to the region’s spiritual heritage.
Afterward, treat your taste buds to a delectable Georgian lunch before venturing to the historic Ikalto Monastery. This sacred complex, originating from the 8th and 9th centuries, is most renowned for its illustrious academy, which once nurtured students in a myriad of disciplines, from theology and astronomy to winemaking and pharmacology. As you wander through its hallowed grounds, envision the great Georgian poet, Shota Rustaveli, who once studied within these storied walls.
Prepare to be awestruck as we continue our journey to the Alaverdi Monastery, majestically situated in the Alazani River valley, just 18 kilometers from Telavi. This architectural masterpiece, soaring up to a height of 50 meters, is Georgia’s tallest cathedral, dominating the surrounding landscape against the backdrop of the majestic Caucasus Mountains. Marvel at its grandeur and let its serene ambiance envelop your soul.
After a day filled with exploration, indulge in a sumptuous Georgian dinner accompanied by a delightful wine tasting experience. To complete your day, unwind and relax in the cozy comfort of a Telavi hotel for a truly rejuvenating evening.
Day Two:
Embark on the second day of your adventure by savoring a mouthwatering breakfast at the hotel. Energized and ready, we will make our way to the Telavi museum, an encompassing complex that pays homage to Kakheti’s illustrious history. Delve into the treasures of the past as you explore the memorial palace of Kakheti’s esteemed king, Erekle II, along with the court church, philosophy school, bath, and tunnel intricately designed by the king himself. Admire the King’s personal artifacts, a remarkable numismatic collection, and various historical relics that offer glimpses into the region’s bygone eras.
Following our visit to the museum, we will delight in a delightful lunch set amidst a picturesque locale. With appetites satisfied, we’ll venture to the historic winery nestled in Tsinandali village, once the cherished possession of the renowned 19th-century aristocratic poet, Alexander Chavchavadze. This illustrious estate served as a vibrant cultural and intellectual center under Prince Alexander’s patronage, and it continues to exude an aura of artistic splendor to this day. Immerse yourself in its rich heritage as you soak in exhibitions, revel in captivating concerts

1-2 pax = 699 GEL
3-4 pax - 899 GEL

Extend Your Enjoyment: 3-Day Kakheti Tour! Witness the stunning sunrise of Kakheti, and extend your journey! Add an overnight stay in Telavi or Sighnaghi, making it a memorable 3-day adventure. Immerse yourself in culture, savor local cuisine, and explore enchanting landscapes. The cost of extension is +339 GEL. Don't miss this chance to make the most of Kakheti!

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Duration of this tour: (30-34 hours)
Note: we have private groups of 1-4 persons.
(at the request of the group, we can organize an overnight stop at the hotel on the way)

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