Adrenaline Rush: Skydive in GEORGIA with SkyAtlantida

Experience Thrilling Skydiving in Georgia with SkyAtlantida Team

Are you ready to take your adrenaline to new heights? SkyAtlantida Team welcomes you to an unforgettable skydiving adventure in the beautiful landscapes of Georgia. Get ready to soar through the skies, feel the rush of wind against your face, and experience the ultimate thrill of freefalling.

от 1499 GEL

Minimum Age Requirement and Parental Consent
At SkyAtlantida Team, we believe in safety first. To participate in our tandem jumps, you must be at least 14 years old and present a valid ID card or passport. If you're between the ages of 14 and 18, the consent of both parents is required. Rest assured, our professional team will guide you through the necessary paperwork, and the authorized parent must be present during the jump with valid identification and the minor's birth certificate.

Limitations and Safety Precautions
Your safety is our utmost priority. Before taking the plunge, you will undergo a thorough medical examination conducted by a nurse to ensure you meet the established criteria for skydiving. We take into consideration chronic illnesses such as epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, certain forms of diabetes, and other conditions that may pose risks during the jump. If you have a history of dislocated shoulders or hands, please inform us and consult with your physician. Additionally, skydiving is strictly prohibited for pregnant women.

Dress Comfortably for the Adventure
To fully enjoy your skydiving experience, we recommend dressing appropriately for the occasion. During warmer months, most participants opt for comfortable shorts and t-shirts. On cooler days, jeans and a sweatshirt will keep you warm and cozy. Don't forget to bring a hat and consider the weather conditions during your chosen season. We kindly ask you to avoid open-toed shoes, heels, jewelry, wristwatches, and other accessories for your safety.

Adrenaline Rush - SKYDIVING

Weather Conditions and Flexibility
Skydiving is a weather-dependent sport, and the safety of our participants is paramount. In the event of strong winds, poor visibility, rain, or light clouds, we may need to postpone or cancel the jump. Our experienced team closely monitors weather conditions and will provide you with regular updates. If unfavorable weather persists, we offer the option to reschedule your jump for another available date or provide a refund, ensuring your satisfaction and safety.

Unforgettable Memories and Free Bonus
Capture the exhilaration of your skydiving experience with a complimentary photo-video recording. Relive the heart-pounding moments and share your adventure with friends and family. Our team will ensure that your memories are preserved, allowing you to cherish this incredible experience for years to come.


- Skydive
- Exit altitude from 3000 to 4000 meters (depending on the type of program selected)
- photo and video of your adventure by GoPro camera
- an unforgettable experience and good mood during the whole tour

not included

- food and accommodation, individual expenses
- transfer from any hotel in Tbilisi to the SkyDiving destination +449 GEL (per car for no more than 3 pax)
- combine SkyDiving with a one-day-multi-tour in a private car through Georgia (cost depends on the chosen type of tour and the number of people)



1 pax - 1499 GEL (from 3000 meters in a standard tandem skydive with instructor)

1 pax - 1799 GEL (from 4000-meter extended tandem skydive with instructor)

1 pax - 599 GEL (for certified individuals seeking an independent skydiving experience from 3000-meter)

What do our guests say?


At this stage, it's crucial to make sure you've secured a spot in our schedule.

To complete the reservation, we need the following information:

To secure your booking, a deposit of 30 euros per person is required. We accept deposit payments through the Bank of Georgia, or through and (we will refund the deposit if your tour is canceled due to weather conditions)

By booking a skydive in advance, you will not waste your time waiting for a window in Our schedule. We will adjust the time of your flight with you, rationally using every minute.

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Mykhailiuta Anatolii

Exploring the wonders of Georgia, we take pride in being your trusted guides. With SkyAtlantida, immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Georgian mountains and countryside. We know the secret and are eager to share it with you. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or an adventure for the whole family, our bespoke tours offer the perfect blend for every traveler. Experience professionalism, meticulously planned routes, and the chance to lose yourself in Georgia’s richest landscapes and breathtaking views.

We value your time and aim to provide a stress-free journey from the moment you decide to explore Georgia. For instant booking, reach out to us at +995 55 13 55 000 via WhatsApp, Viber, or Telegram. Let SkyAtlantida be your reliable companion, guiding you through an extraordinary adventure and creating unforgettable memories in the enchanting embrace of Georgia.