PPG paragliding flight - "Panoramic"

This type of PPG paragliding: (available from – 1 May – 30 Nov)

A PPG paragliding is a motorized paraglider that allows the pilot and passenger to rise in the air and stay as high as we need (as long as there is gas in the tank). When you’re paragliding over the valley at a comfortable speed of 38 km/h. Your pilot-instructor Anatolii Mykhailiuta will adapt the flight for you, an unforgettable slow climb over the Koishaur valley or spectacular aerobatics. You choose! 


We fly all year round in the resort of Gudauri, Jvari Cross Pass and (Kazbegi) - Stepantsminda. All SkyAtlantida employees are Europeans with higher education, they speak Russian and English.

All flights are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IPHFG. Our team leaders pilots are multiple champions of Europe and Asia, they have Swiss, Ukrainian, Georgian licenses confirming their qualifications. Flight equipment undergoes daily inspection and timely replacement, and pilots undergo daily medical control. For flights, we use only safe launch pads.

To book paragliding with SkyAtlantida company, you need to contact our manager in a way convenient for you (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram). After agreeing on all the details and making an advance payment, you will be included in the schedule and our pilot instructor will be waiting for you at the appointed time.

PPG paragliding - "Panoramic"


— transfer from/to Gudauri resort hotels
— insurance policy
— HD video of your flight
— short briefing
— certified flight equipment, extra warm clothing and gloves.
— flight 15 minutes with APPI certified instructor – IPHFG and FPU
— launch altitude - 2000-2300 meters (above sea level)
— landing site altitude - 2000-2300 meters (above sea level)

This program will take no more than 70 minutes from the moment of our meeting.


- The minimum age of a passenger is from 5 years in the presence of parents or guardians.
- If your weight exceeds 80 kg, you will need to pay 50 GEL.
- If your weight exceeds 100 kg, you will need to pay 100 GEL.
- If your weight exceeds 120 kg, please contact us in advance.
- Additionally, you can order photos - surcharge 50 GEL.
- Additionally, you can order ultra-quality 4K video - surcharge 50 GEL.
- Additionally, you can order an ultra-high-quality spherical video 360 5.7K - surcharge 100 GEL.

This type of flight is available daily:
from 9:00 to 10:30 from 17:00 to 19:00 or all day in cloudy, non-windy weather.




Gift Certificate

A gift certificate for a tandem paragliding flight is the best find for a birthday, a gift for relatives or friends!

Unlike a regular order, a certificate entitles you to fly and is valid for a year! You have a whole year to collect your thoughts!

"What to gift?" - a frequent question you ask yourself repeatedly. I want something bright, valuable, memorable.

Give - FLIGHT! This is….. A sea of emotions, joyful smiles, a sincere “Thank you”! Such a festive atmosphere only helps our tandem masters to give the joy of the first flights, embodying the Dream of Flying.

What do our guests say?





Book now

By booking a flight in advance, you will not waste your time waiting for a window in Our schedule. We will adjust the time of your flight with you, rationally using every minute.

When booking online, a flexible system of discounts works.

from 5% - 10%


For your safety, don’t rely on luck when you’re choosing a pilot!

Do not trust people on the street offering you paragliding! Read reviews on the Internet, make your own choice!

Paragliding in Georgia has become a place of income and fraud for intermediary and inexperienced pilots. Intermediaries wear colorful paraglider T-shirts to attract attention and may promise you a lower price or more flight time (official companies have fixed prices and flight times). Sometimes the intermediary can be your taxi driver, a tour guide or an employee of the hotel where you are staying.

The danger is that the intermediary, in order to earn money, uses the service of “pilots” who do not have enough paragliding experience and licenses confirming their qualifications. Such “pilots” charge a minimal fee for providing their services, and practice on you without any liability. As a result, you will be disappointed with low-quality service, often accompanied by poor video quality, and sometimes no video at all, bad takeoff – landing…

Paragliding in Georgia should be the highlight of your trip, so it’s best to check any recommendations from your guide with reviews of the company on independent platforms e.g. TripAdvisor.

NOTE !!!
Intermediaries sometimes claim that they are employees of the company SkyAtlantida. The surest way to check the veracity of this statement is to call our general manager at +995551355000 – WhatsApp

Before flying, you have the right to check the instructor license



Motorized paragliding (PPG paragliding) flight in Georgia – Panoramic route

We invite you to take a fascinating extreme walk through the sky over one of the most popular Georgian resorts - Gudauri. Motorized paragliding is available from May 1 to November 30 (during the summer season). The duration of the program is 70 minutes from the moment the guest meets the instructor. The cost of the air adventure is $340.

A paraglider is a paraglider equipped with an engine that allows the instructor pilot and passenger to soar to bird's-eye height and stay there at a comfortable speed (38 km / h) until the gas tank runs out of gas. Flying over the majestic mountain ranges, the sea or the valleys on a PPG paraglider, a qualified pilot adapts the tour to suit the guest - choose what you like best: a leisurely ascent to the Koishauri valley or impressive aerobatics over Aragvi.

What are paragliding in Georgia

Flight on an ordinary non-motorized paraglider is carried out only through the action of ascending air currents formed due to the convection of warm air masses from the soil heated by the sun or due to wind around some obstacle (most often these are mountain slopes). If it is necessary to start off from a flat area, the paraglider is pulled by a mechanical start. Is it possible to take off into the sky in complete calm? Imagine yes! And to realize such an idea just allowed a motorized paraglider.

The thrust of a small engine is enough to lift and maintain an aircraft with 2 travelers - a pilot and a guest - at a certain height in the air. Due to the presence of the motor, the total mass of the system increased, so a wing with increased lift had to be used.

To soar above the clouds on a paraglider, you do not need to create any special conditions, such as updrafts or hills. Take-off is possible from the plain without assistance. Motorized paragliding in Georgia takes place at a speed of 25 km/h. up to 70 km/h

Powered Paragliding with Pilot SkyAtlantida

We offer you to evaluate our route "Panoramic" under the vigilant guidance of an experienced pilot-instructor, who will control the movement of the aircraft throughout the entire excursion.

Such walks can be carried out in any weather, and each time they will give new impressions, emotions and sensations.

To book an air trip for a date convenient for you, click on the "Book a flight" button. Our dedicated staff will contact you as soon as possible, answer all your questions (what weather can we fly in, how long will we be in the sky, is it safe, etc.) and help you choose the right day for a walk in the clouds.