Air paragliding excursion to the Aragvi canyon

Flight — (Available Apr 16 — Dec 9)
An exciting aerial adventure awaits you, with a landing in the majestic Aragvi canyon. Our launch pad is located at, 2100-2300 meters altitude above sea level. Taking off, we smoothly glide, falling lower and lower, flying over formidable gorges, mighty rocks, ancient castles and stormy rivers with waterfalls. This type of flight operates from 9.00 AM to 10.30 AM and from 17.00 PM to 19.00 PM and is suitable for both adults and children. In the morning and evening, the most calm airspace. We fly to the Aragvi canyon, flying near the resort of Gudauri, we will feel the power and might of one of the highest mountain waterfalls in this region! A flight of 10 kilometers with an altitude difference of 700 meters between the skyatlantida launch site and the landing site, where a 4X4 pick-up vehicle will be waiting for us


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By booking a flight in advance, you will not waste your time waiting for a window in Our schedule. We will adjust the time of your flight with you, rationally using every minute.

When booking online, a flexible system of discounts works.

from 5% - 20%

We fly all year round in the resort of Gudauri, Jvari Cross Pass and (Kazbegi) - Stepantsminda. All SkyAtlantida employees are Europeans with higher education, they speak Russian and English.

All flights are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the IPHFG. Our team leaders pilots are multiple champions of Europe and Asia, they have Swiss, Ukrainian, Georgian licenses confirming their qualifications. Flight equipment undergoes daily inspection and timely replacement, and pilots undergo daily medical control. For flights, we use only safe launch pads.

To book paragliding with SkyAtlantida company, you need to contact our manager in a way convenient for you (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram). After agreeing on all the details and making an advance payment, you will be included in the schedule and our pilot instructor will be waiting for you at the appointed time.

VIDEO OF FLIGHT to Aragvi Canyon


— transfer from Gudauri resort
— insurance policy
— HD video of your flight
— short briefing
— certified flight equipment, extra warm clothing and gloves.
— flight 8 – 15 minutes with APPI certified instructor – IPHFG and FPU
— launch altitude 2100-2300 meters (above sea level)
— landing site height 2300 - 1700 meters (above sea level)
— transfer to the Gudauri hotel or in the aisles of the resort

This program will take no more than 60 minutes from the moment of our meeting.


- The minimum age of a passenger is from 5 years in the presence of parents or guardians.
- If your weight exceeds 80 kg, you will need to pay 50 GEL.
- If your weight exceeds 100 kg, you will need to pay 100 GEL.
- If your weight exceeds 120 kg, please contact us in advance.
- Additionally, you can order aerobatics elements - additional payment is 50 GEL.
- Additionally, you can order photos - surcharge 50 GEL.
- Additionally, you can order ultra-quality 4K video - surcharge 50 GEL.
- Additionally, you can order an ultra-high-quality spherical video 360 5.7K - surcharge 100 GEL.

This type of flight is available:
Day flights from 9:00 - 10.30 AM
Evening flights from 17.00 - 19:00 PM
Or all day in the presence of not sunny weather.