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  • A traveler and just a good man with ambitions, repeatedly defending Ukraine in the international paragliding arena. For 8 years he is a pilot of the sky-atlantida team. This is our chief flight leader, Master Instructor, tandem pilot, Paragliding Expert in Ukraine, with more than 6,500 commercial tandem flights. He has many years of experience as an instructor on the territory of Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, India and other countries of Europe and Asia. One of the few in the world who perform high-quality aerobatics (elements of aerobatics in tandem with the passenger). He has the current licenses of the FPU Paragliding Expert (the Ukrainian Federation of Paragliding) and the (International Aviation Federation) FAI n ° PG-0329-Dp. The only one of the Ukrainian pilots possessing the Swiss license of the international level, (Associated of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) APPI n ° 11319.

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