Flight - (available April 16 to 15 December)

It all starts with a meeting at the office at the appointed time. Here you fill out the necessary documents and get the original ticket with insurance. Next, we leave for our mini-airfield. Flight equipment is carefully prepared for the event, all systems are checked. Then you will be given a briefing in which we will explain the flight plan, as well as we will provide safety instructions. You do not need to have any experience of flying on a Paramotor scraper; you will have an experienced pilot-instructor who will do everything for you. We will provide you with everything you need for your comfort and safety (helmet, headphones, microphone and warm clothes).

Air travel will begin with a tour of the nearby mountains, the Aragvi canyon and the resort of Gudauri. Every day is unique, if you choose this type of flight; we will give you extra time in the air, allowing us to change the route depending on your wishes.

Discover the immense beauty of our planet through the eyes of a bird; enter the "fifth ocean". The flight can be smooth-sight, or it can also include various aerobatic stunts.

To book a flight:

Click the button «BOKKING»

Select a date, time, and enter your contact details.

Done! In the near future, our manager will contact you and personally adjust all the details of the trip.

Gift Certificate:

To get a gift certificate for this type of flight click HERE.

Why book paragliding flights online?

- By booking a flight in advance, you will not spend your time waiting for the window in our schedule. We will adjust your flight time with you, making rational use of every minute.

- When booking online there is a flexible system of discounts.




      This type of flight is available daily:

      Morning flights from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM

      Evening flights from 16.00 PM to 20.00 PM

      Daily flights from 12.00 AM to 16.00 PM, when the wind speed does not exceed 8 m / s ***

      If the weather is not suitable for flying on a motorcycle scraper, we can offer you “free flights” on a paraglider without a motor.


      The minimum age of a passenger is from 7 years old in the presence of parents or guardians.

      If your weight exceeds 80 kg, you need to pay 50 GEL.

      If your weight exceeds 100 kg - contact us in advance.

      Additionally, you can order photos - extra charge 30 GEL.

      Additionally, you can order 4K ultra-high quality video - extra charge 50 GEL.


All flights are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of IPHFG

Our pilots are repeated champions of Europe and Asia, have Swiss, Ukrainian, Georgian licenses confirming their qualifications

Flight equipment undergoes daily inspection and timely replacement, and pilot’s daily medical control.

For flights, we use only safe launching pads.

We fly all year round in the resort of Gudauri, the Cross Pass of Jvari and (Kazbegi) - Stepantsminda. To make a flight, you should decide on the date and time and book a flight by making an advance payment. The weather is not always flying, which means you should not postpone your departure on the last day of your holiday in Georgia.

All SkyAtlantida employees are Europeans with higher education, speak Russian and English.

In-flight video shooting is provided on professional HD quality equipment. You will find the video of your flight on YouTube on our channel.


Any questions? Contact our consultant!

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Fly with Professionals!

SkyAtlantida Team

What is included

The price includes:

- Transfer from hotel to Gudauri or in the aisles of the resort

- Insurance policy

- HD video of your flight

- Short instruction

- certified paragliding equipment, extra warm clothing and gloves.

- 25 minutes flight with an APPI certified instructor - IPHFG and FPU

- Flight altitude up to 2700 meters above sea level

- Aerobatic stunts

- Transfer to the hotel Gudauri or in the aisles of the resort

  This program will take no more than 80 minutes from the moment of our meeting.


Additionally, you can order a transfer from  from any place in Georgia:

Tbilisi - Gudauri - Tbilisi - Large car capacity 1 - 7 people - 160 GEL.

Tbilisi - Gudauri - Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) - Tbilisi - Large car capacity 1 - 7 people - 210 GEL.

Information and FAQ

We are often asked about this

Our office is based in the ski resort of Gudauri, here we fly all year round and every day.

  • In winter, flights take place from December 15 to April 15 at the ski resort Gudauri. We start from a height (2200 m.) Or with Hadokhat (2750 m.). We use a ski lift for climbing to the launch pads. All flights are carried out in the area of ​​the Gudauri resort and the Aragvi gorge.
  • In summer, flights take place from April 16 to December 14 in the ski resort of Gudauri. We fly from our private SkyAtlantida camping (2320 m.) With an area of ​​one hectare, located on the cross of the Jvari Pass in the vicinity of the Monument of Friendship of Peoples. All flights are carried out over Gudauri, the gorge of Aragvi and over the Cross Pass of Jvari.

With us you can fly in different flight locations in Georgia.

In the presence of flight weather, we make flights:

  • Stepantsminda (Kazbegi)
  • Tbilisi
  • Bakuriani
  • Batumi
  • Poti
  • Kakheti (Sighnaghi)
  • Svaneti (Mestia)

The Paramotor is the same paraglider with only a motor and a propeller located behind the pilot’s back. Unlike the paraglider, the paramotor is able to fly as much as we want. Paramotor can lift passengers weighing up to 90 kg. Having gained altitude, the pilot turns off the engine and descends, enjoying the silence of the oncoming air flow and the most beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Landing off the engine is the normal mode in which we touch the ground. The speed of our flight is no more than 42 km \ h,

The height of our flight depends on your chosen flight program, but not more than 4000 meters.

Paragliding in Tandem can only be performed by qualified instructor pilots approved by IPHFG (International Paragliding and Gliding Federation of Georgia).

A safe flight in tandem is performed under the condition that the pilot is entitled to receive a license.

You have the right to check your pilot's license.

We fly with people with disabilities! If you dream of flying, but you have a disability, write to us! We will help make your dream come true. We have a lot of experience flying with people with different types of disabilities. We fly with children from the age of 7 years. Children under the age of 18 can only fly in the presence of parents or legal guardians. If you have cardiovascular diseases, please let us know in advance. Your weight should not exceed 90 kg.

All flights are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of IPHFG.

All SkyAtlantida employees are Europeans with higher education, speak Russian and English.

Instructors of our club have Swiss licenses corresponding to their qualifications, as well as more than 19 years of experience in paramotor.

We use the most modern and safe flight equipment.

Equipment undergoes daily inspection, pilots undergo daily medical monitoring.

For flights we use only safe launching pads.

Paragliding is directly related to risk, before you fly you get an insurance policy, and also sign a disclaimer, agreeing that paragliding has risks and that you are ready to accept these risks.

We are proud of the fact that for all the time of our work we have not had a single insured event.

The best insurance is an experienced pilot.

Fly with Professionals!

Impressions of our guests after the flight

The impression of our guests from USA to the canyon of Aragvi with SkyAtlantida Team


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