ParaJet Maverick

  • $7170


Feeling the taste of freedom is easy!

Use your time efficiently - believe MAVERICK works wonders!

Unrivaled quality, performance and simple design.

Have you decided to fly today?

With MAVERICK, you will understand how easy it is to fly a paramotor.

Maverick - is equipped with different engines.

This paramotor was designed for pilots who value simplicity without compromising on comfort.

Just grab your Maverick and head towards the clouds!


The remarkable low point of the suspension and the articulated pivot arm enables the pilot to use the weight offset more effectively to control the wing, thereby developing your free flight skills and enjoying the pleasure of active piloting.

Strength and safety - the design of the fence is made of titanium alloy, designed to achieve perfect balance with the weight.

Comfort from the Parajet outboard with unique power and unforgettable dynamics of the Vittorazi engine.

All the pilot needs!



• Titanium fencing Maverick.

• Safety net for the fence - Snap-fit

• Engine - MOSTER 185 plus - 7800 rpm, 25 hp maximum traction - 68 kilograms.

• Two-blade carbon propeller - E-PROP 125m.

• Tank of 10 liters.

• Parajet suspension system.

• Branded T-shirt Parajet

• Instruction

• Carbon cylinder head cooling jacket.

• Travel bag.

Weight 24.2 kg.


Parajet Maverick can be equipped with a 17 liter tank - price 7225 USD

Parajet Maverick possibly electric start system - price 7800 USD

Unit weight - 26.5 kg.

Parajet Maverick can be equipped with the Moster 185 Factory engine - price 8300 USD

Unit weight - 22.5 kg.

Parajet Maverick can be equipped with an ATOM 80 engine - price 6580 USD

Unit weight - 20.5 kg.


Choose the color of your paramotor:

Obsidian Black / Ruby Red / Samba Green / Atomic Orange / Electric Blue


Our manager will be happy to help you make the right choice.

You can find more detailed information on the manufacturer's website