Hi guys, We are organizing ski tours in Georgia.


Georgia is a unique country with its customs and beauties, who at least once visited here not when they will not forget it and will always remember the incredible emotions that Georgia gave!

The climate in Georgia allows you to make ski tours, backcountry for seven months a year, and the incredibly wild snow plateaus and valleys hidden from the hustle and bustle of the people will give you emotions that will stay with you for a long time.

Today you have to go the ski route filled with rare panoramas of the Celtic plateau, the borders of North and South Ossetia, the peaks of Dzhimaray, Suatisi and of course Kazbeg.

The duration of the route is three days and three nights.


Route Level - Difficult



    The first day, 8.00 AM, we start from an altitude of 1776 meters above sea level near the Gudauri ski resort.

    On the first day we overcome 6 kilometers in length and 1284 meters in height difference between the start points and the camping site for the night.

    We set up a campsite at an altitude of 3060 meters above sea level.


    The next morning, acclimatize.

    If possible, we meet the dawn.

    8.00 AM Light breakfast

    11.00 AM we go skiing on the nearest pristine slopes at a height of 3519 meters above sea level.

    2 PM Lunch.

    After lunch, we climb up to make a beautiful skiing before sunset.

    6 PM Light dinner.


    In the morning of the next day we leave towards the volcano Sharhota.

    7.30 AM Light breakfast

    8.00 AM we are expected to start the route with a length of 12.8 kilometers and a vertical drop from 3060 meters to 3695m. above sea level.

    14.00 PM Lunch.

    18.00 PM Return to the campsite, dinner.


    The next morning, return home.

    7.30 AM Light breakfast

    8.00 AM awaits us skiing and snowboarding with a length of 6.4 kilometers and a vertical drop from 3060 meters to 1776m. above sea level.

    The cost of the tour is indicated per person.

    The minimum group for this ski tour is 2 people.   

    If suddenly a group does not get into this ski tour, we can possibly transfer you to another ski tour, if this does not suit you, we will refund your money.


This ski tour requires a certain level of skill.

You will have to carry a backpack weighing from 20 to 30 kilograms, every day we will walk at least 6 kilometers with a height difference of more than 1000 meters.

We advise you, before making a choice of this tour, first try one of the simple one-day ski tours.

What is included


Qualified Ski - Splitboard Guide

Route Navigation

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Information and FAQ

We are often asked about this

To begin with, the desire to come to us in sunny Georgia.

We advise you to book your skiing tour overgrowth, then it will be easier for us to prepare a tour program for you. In order to ride a ski tour (freeride) with us you will need to have a set of standard equipment for a ski tour, namely (skis with mounts designed for walking uphill, a set of avalanche equipment)

Ski tours, like all other types of activities, are to some extent associated with risk!

Therefore, our experienced managers, as well as ski freeride instructors will always advise you which ski tour will be as safe as possible for you and from which you will receive a lot of positive emotions only!

In order to book a ski tour with us, just contact our manager by phone +995 551 35 5000 whatsapp and specify the desired time and place of the ski tour, or familiarize yourself and choose a ski tour on our website and click on the BOOK button. Specifying your contact details. After that, our manager will contact you and explain all the details that you need in order to reserve a place in our schedule.



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