Flight Economy - you are not sure that you can fly? Is it possible that you feel dizzy even in a tram?

The first acquaintance with the sky must begin in this way. Make an exciting adventure, which you will remember throughout the rest of your life! This type of flight is designed for a person who has not tried anything like this in his life. This flight has a short duration, not more than 10 minutes.


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    Minimum age of a passenger is from 5 years old in the presence of parents or guardians. The maximum passenger weight without surcharges for weight is 80 kg.

    If your weight exceeds 80 kg, you need to pay 50 GEL.

    If your weight exceeds 100 kg, you need to pay extra 100 GEL.

    If your weight exceeds 120 kg - contact us and specify the exact weight. We will select for you a suitable pilot and weather.

    Additionally, you can order photos - extra charge 30 GEL.

    Additionally, you can order an ultra-quality 4K video - an extra charge of 50 GEL.


    1. You can pay for the flight in cash at Our office located in the office of the hotel New Gudauri, Block 1, room 109.

    We work daily from 9.00 to 19.00

    2. Visa / Mastercard.

    3. Make an online transfer without leaving home, using the payment system "PayPal" or "ROBOKASSA"

     Useful information:

     All flights are conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of IPHFG

     Our equipment passes daily inspection.

     Our instructor pilots undergo daily medical control.

     For flights We use only safe, authorized launch pads.

     We fly only in good weather, which means you should not postpone your flight on the last day of your holiday in Georgia.

     SkyAtlantida pilots are Europeans with higher specialized education, fluent in Russian and English.

     In-flight video shooting is provided on professional HD quality equipment. You will find the video of your flight on YouTube on our channel.

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    Fly with Professionals!

    SkyAtlantida Team


Book your flight online.

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Why is it better to book paragliding flights online?

- by booking in advance, you will not spend your time waiting for the window in our schedule.

- after booking We adjust the time of your flight with you, efficiently using the time of your rest.

- when booking online there is a flexible system of discounts.


This flight is available on a sunny day when there are warm air currents that we use in flight to climb higher and there is an opportunity to land at the same place from which we take off.

If the weather is not sunny and there are no warm upflows, we will not be able to perform this type of flight. In this case, we advise Air Tour to the Aragvi canyon or a flight on a motor-paraglider and Paratraike.


This type of flight is available in sunny weather ***

Daily flights from 12:00 AM to 16:00 PM

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What is included

The price includes:

- free transfer from any hotel located in Gudauri or in the resort area

- insurance policy

- HD video of your flight

- short pre-flight briefing

- certified flight equipment, extra warm clothing and gloves.

- flight 5-10 minutes with a certified APPI instructor - IPHFG and FPU

- free transfer to any hotel located in Gudauri or in the resort area

This program will take no more than 40 minutes from the moment of Our meeting.

Any questions? Contact our consultant!

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Information and FAQ

We are often asked about this

Это безопаснее, чем катание на лыжах или снойборде. Все застраховано. Пилоты и снаряжение своевременно проверяется и сертифицированы. По этому волноваться не стоит. Этот экстрим максимально безопасен в своем классе. 
Чтобы найти видео вашей активности, зайдите в раздел "видео" и укажите номер билета. Либо укажите номер билета и слово "gudauri" в поиске "".


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