Top 5 places to see in Georgia.

Top 5 places to see in Georgia.

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Never been in Georgia? Planning to visit soon? First that you need to know before choosing air tickets👇

1. There are three international airports on the territory of Georgia. The main one is located in Tbilisi, less in demand in Kutaisi and Batumi.

2. Flights to Georgia are mainly carried out via Tbilisi.

3. The airport is located 30 minutes from the capital. Every day, the maximum number of international flights for Georgia from all over the world land and take off here.

4. Kutaisi International Airport is located six hours by car from the capital and three hours from the Black Sea coast. In the direction of Kutaisi, mainly low-cost airlines fly: such as Wizz air, Ryanair. If you're lucky, you can save between 25% and 70% on each ticket.

5. When purchasing a ticket in the direction of Kutaisi, I advise you to book Skybus in advance, it saves your money. The bus took you to the capital (the cost of 1 ticket to Tbilisi is 20 GEL). For those who are not aware of the availability of Omnibus and Georgianbus, they will go by private minibuses (the ticket price varies from 50 GEL or more per person).

6. Batumi Airport has an excellent location, it borders the sea and the southern part of the city of Batumi. Airfare is significantly different than at other airports in Georgia.

I suggest not to save, and also not to overpay. Take air tickets to the capital and everything will be fine!


So, you landed in Tbilisi Airport. What the best places you need to see during your vocation? Here is Top 5 places that you totally must to see. Let's go!

First of all - Tbilisi - Mtskheta

You shouldn't leave this city right away, give it at least one day. The city has a lot of attractions and the main ones in my opinion are:

 The old town, here it is better to take a leisurely walk, feeling the atmosphere of antiquity of those centuries. Then take the cable car to the Narekala fortress.

Look around for a beautiful view of the city! If you look closely, then not far from yourself, you will see the stairs leading to the botanical garden, go there! This is a great place for a chill-out photo shoot and a leisurely walk, watch the time, in such beauty it is easy to waste time.

Hungry? Catch a taxi, the oldest restaurant Tsiskvili is waiting for you! Don't miss their colorful show, which takes place every day in the Ethnos Hall at 20:00.

For a good sleep, do not forget to enjoy the view of the evening city by taking the funicular to Mtatsminda Park (this will take no more than an hour of your time)

As part of your stay in Tbilisi, find a few hours to see the old capital - Mtskheta. The city is located thirty minutes away from you, you definitely need to visit there.


Can't sleep? If you don't want to waste time, go and look at the Caucasian ridge in the rays of the rising sun? Three hours by car, and you're in wonderland.

Second place – Sighnaghi, Kakheti region.

This is one of the fabulously rich regions of Georgia. Located northeast of the capital of Georgia.

If you are attracted by stories about love, knights, you love wine and intend to do tasting from morning till night - write it down in your notebook!

The valley is surrounded on three sides by mountains, in the center of which the Alazani River flows. This place has a special microclimate, everything grows here except tangerine, orange and persimmon. That is why grape fields and wineries are also located in Kakheti.

 If you are not alone, but with your girlfriend, you should definitely visit the city of love Sighnaghi. Everything happens in wonderland. Get married with a gorgeous view of the Alazani Valley. What could be more beautiful!


Three hours by car, to the west of the capital, the royal castle was located many centuries ago.

Numer tree – Borjomi, Samtskhe-Javakheti region

This famous city is loved by tourists, in summer and winter. The first place to visit is the central park, where you will not only enjoy the beauty of nature. You will have the opportunity to taste real Borjomi mineral water from a spring. Do you think that's all? Don't forget to bring your swimming trunks for a dip in the underground hot spring pool, and also take a bottle to take some of the healing mineral water with you.

Be sure to take some time to the Palace of the Romanovs (in the 19th century to the king of Russia), and there is Peter's Fortress nearby. Do not be lazy: google it, you will understand that you have to see it.


Place number four, one of the most difficult to access and fabulous regions of Georgia – Mestia, Svaneti.

At least eight hours by car from the capital. When planning your trip, take some free time with you, most likely you will want to stay here for a while. 😁

 The region is famous for its ancestral towers, the Svans (local residents) built them for defense. A century ago, every strong family had a tower in the yard near the house. During the twentieth century, some families were expelled from Svaneti, and their towers began to gradually collapse without proper care. In 2005, the UNESCO world list was replenished and the Svan towers became a cultural heritage.

I understand that the towers are for you, this is not the most important thing that you would like to see - it is amazingly beautiful and picturesque here.

 Svaneti is a godsend for a person who is looking for freedom in search of colossal energy. Surrounded by mountains of four to five thousand meters, untouched nature around you. The sound of rivers, waterfalls, the mesmerizing spirit of glaciers. Are you ready to walk or ride your bike? Use the gifts of nature and take care of it, this is our Mother. All this will be at your feet, my friend.

Perhaps you are a xc-paraglider? Do you want to get a new experience? You can read more about paragliding in Svaneti in summer here.


In winter, Svaneti wears a white dress. A real winter fairy tale awaits you, the holiday atmosphere is in the air. The Tetnuldi ski resort operates, with all the attached infrastructure for skiing, snowboarding.

I will soon write about backcountry and ski touring in Svaneti and publish here.


It's so hard to give up the last place in our rating!

Number 5 is difficult to choose the between Kazbegi, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region and Batumi, Adjara.

If your vacation is in the winter, the Kazbek region is waiting for you, the Gudauri ski resort is located here, which is the best ski resort in Georgia.

The infrastructure of the resort is well-developed, skiing and snowboarding here is a pleasure. The ski slopes are equipped with everything you need for comfort and safety. The whole world has heard about freeride in Gudauri.

Snow on the slopes lasts until the end of April - mid-May, the best time for a good backcountry or ski tour.

- I advise you to stay here for a week, and spend an unforgettable vacation.


Visiting Georgia in summer? For sure plan a trip though Georgian Military Highway, there is a lot to see!

This is your choice, travel by public transport or by private car.

First places to see on the way will be: Ananuri Fortress - a flooded old city that was located on the site of the Zhinvali reservoir, and small village Pasanauri with famous home cooking. Do not be lazy to make a stop there and try homemade khinkali 🥟 . In forty kilometers you will see Gudauri resort. Don't miss the opportunity to climb the mountains and admire the unparalleled views of the surrounding area. If you have eaten a lot of khinkali and are unable to walk, the cable car works in summer as well as in winter. Use the benefits of civilization, a ticket to the top will cost you ten GEL, free return, or you can book a paragliding flight from the top of cable-car and 🤗 I guarantee an unforgettable experience.


Continuing on your way, you will not miss the monument built in Soviet times, the People's Friendship Arch (Panorama). The arch was installed by the road at the edge of the canyon, the beginning of the Aragvi River. In summer, there are many tourists here, fresh lamb barbecue and a lot of extreme entertainment for every taste. Here you can ride an ATV, feel like a horseman, or touch the beauty and fly in tandem on a paraglider. Be sure to go out to the magic balcony of Panorama, make a wish – it come true!

(Keep in mind you will be repeatedly offered to fly on a paraglider, I do not advise you to agree immediately. Open Google or TripAdvisor, read the reviews first, choose good paragliding company to fly with.)


Are you satisfied? Let's go to Kazbegi next!

Soon you will see the mighty Darial Gorge and the village of Kazbegi. There is the legendary Mount Kazbeg with a peak of 5033 meters.

Along the way, unique landscapes await you, filled with the stories and legends of these places. Be sure to find a day to see the Truso Valley. Also, make a visit to the high-mountainous village of Juta, to the Chaukhi mountain range.

In Kazbegi you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay. Entertainment such as paragliding, hiking, horse riding, ATV, rafting, jeep tours and much more.

If you desire to climb to the mountain Kazbegi you can order guide here.

The best time for this is July - September. Mark somewhere.


What about Batumi – Adjara?

Six hours from the capital by car. You can get there by public transport from Didube metro station or Dynamo railway station (you can buy tickets before departure). On the route, there is a comfortable double-decker electric train, buses, and many minibuses every day. Batumi is a beautiful city with a wide coastal recreation area, as well as a park area with a huge number of entertainment venues. The city is convenient for walking and cycling; take it into service, you can rent an electric scooter not expensive. Do not forget to visit the Dolphinarium and Botanical Garden.

Do you want to be at the helm of a yacht and become a captain for a moment? Taking a private boat trip out to sea is a good idea.

How are you feeling?

Ready to see the arboretum built by a Georgian millionaire?

Go to Shekvitili village, half an hour drive from Batumi. There, nearby, is the Arena Singing Sculpture Park. Heard of the healing magnetic black sand? Shekvetili is waiting for you!

If this was helpful for you, we will appreciate good comments!

Goodness and prosperity in your home! 🙏