May flights

May flights

  • by admin
  • by October 10, 2016 18:45

Everyone knows that May is not happy with the weather, it often rains, the weather changes during the day at the click of a finger. But this does not mean that flying in May is impossible. It would be a desire, and we will try to do everything possible so that you can enjoy unforgettable views of the Caucasus Mountains.

What you need to know for those who want to fly in May?

1. Dress warmly even if the sun shines. Firstly,  in the air is not as warm as on the ground. Secondly, the weather changes so quickly that rain can catch you landing and sometimes even in the air.

2. Even if it is raining, do not be apset. This does not mean that it will rain all day. It all depends on your ability to wait. Sometimes there is a clearing between the rains, we call this  “a window”. At this point, you can make a wonderful flight.

We are waiting for you this May!