7 reasons why you need to go to Georgia.

7 reasons why you need to go to Georgia.

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  • by November 27, 2020 11:43

1. Georgians are an unusually sincere and hospitable people.

Here you will feel like you are among friends. Remember the old Georgian proverb "A guest is a messenger of God"? So, Georgian hospitality is not an empty phrase. With us, the ability to host a guest has a value higher than the cost of a diamond.

Besides the fact that Georgians are hot people, they are also very cheerful. Tableful, toasts and warm hugs - this is everywhere here. If you get lost – be sure to ask locals for directions, or if you just have questions - ask, people love to talk and will always find time to help you: they will show you the way, ask everything about you and maybe even invite you to visit home. Do not be surprised at the cordiality, it is just in the air here.

2. Georgian cuisine

⠀ "Every Georgian dish is a poem," says the poet Alexander Pushkin, and we agree with him.

Georgian traditional cuisine is a colorful product composed of juicy ingredients, seasoned with a mild climate and prepared according to traditional technologies.

A guest in Georgia will never be hungry, we promise you that. When inviting you for tea, a table full of goodies will be laid for you: khachapuri, khinkali, shoti, chvishtari, phali, kharcho, chakapuli ... Read and swallow drooling!

3. Black Sea

⠀ If you want to walk along the seaside, you can go to the historic city of Batumi. Here you can enjoy the soft sea air and admire the modern buildings of the city, strolling along the stylish seven-kilometer promenade.

Tourists who love secluded relaxation can soak up the shore of the village of Ureki. By the way, there you can also improve your health with magnetic black sand.

4. Caucasus mountains

⠀ How to convey in words the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains? Just see with your own eyes!

Mountains with sharp peaks shot up to the sky. They are fraught with a lot of mysteries, with their outlines they look like the walls of a castle with towers, then like the Egyptian pyramids ...

If you choose the 25-kilometer circular route to the Koruldi lakes located at an altitude of 2,740 meters along the road to Mount Ushba, in Mestia region you will see the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus - views of extraordinary beauty.

5. Caves of David Gareja

⠀ This is a huge complex located in the mountains, its area is more than 10 square kilometers. Having visited it, you will see caves and crevasses, in which, according to the legends of the Georgian church, ascetics lived - St. David and his disciples.

The Lavra itself is very interesting in terms of architecture. There are towers and caves in the rocks. In the small Transfiguration Church is the grave of St. David himself, the founder of the monastery.

There are many stories and legends dedicated to this place. The best time to visit David Gareji is April-May. The animals are not yet active, and the desert has already blossomed. And the sun is not active too much.

6. Georgian wine

Georgia is proud that it is the cradle of winemaking. Here has been producing wine for over 8000 years. The traditional method of winemaking, called Qvevri, is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The quality of Georgian wine products will impress the most sophisticated gourmets. It is better to try once than to talk a lot about the tastes of various wines. Do you agree with us?

7. Sulfur baths

⠀ There is Abanotuban district in Tbilisi, which is dedicated to the art of relaxation in traditional sulfur baths. There are dozens of sulfur baths for every budget, with different levels of luxury and an atmosphere of total relaxation.

The friendliness and sociability of the staff will not leave anyone indifferent.

And if to all of the above, we also add Georgian songs that make you shiver, incredible dances and toasts, about which legends are already being made, then you can fall in love with Georgia with all your heart.

Don't believe me? Come to see and try!