Aerobatics - this air acrobatic maneuvers, breathtaking and dizzy. As in any other sport, there are people who want something more and crave adrenaline, - people who are ready to step into the unknown, to cross the border and enter the risk zone, seeking new emotions, more thrills to more and more pleasure in life - this Aerial Aerobatics. Up to one-hundredth of a second and millimeter controlling the profile of the wing, with you in the air, perform incredible, dizzying maneuvers aerobatic certified master instructor of international class Anatolii Mykhailiuta. If you dreamed of flying, let us help you make your dream a reality.




    • Winter season - 3-4 points (average)
    • summer season - 5 points (extreme)

    Duration: 1:00
    The distance of the tour: 5 km
    Minimum age: 5 years

    Maximum weight: 140 kg
Organizational issues: In the summer we will find you in a jeep in a predetermined meeting point! Dress warmly, it is cool.
In winter (January-April) Our managers or pilots will meet you near the lift on the second turn (at the landing site) or you can find us themselves at the top of the fourth line (Mount Kudebi place take-off) and more ...
Flying above the clouds.
Now everything is ready for the flight, make sure the wrist instructor in seconds the wing is filled with air, and we soar over the tops of the middle of the Caucasus Mountains.
High Lord of Heaven!

What is included

Transport, transfer (except for the cable car);

Equipment: windbreaker and gloves;

Instruction in safety;


Private pilot - professional guide in the air.

Information and FAQ

We are often asked about this

It is safer than skiing or snoyborde. All insured. Pilots and equipment in a timely manner is tested and certified. By this I do not worry. This extreme maximum safe in its class.
To find a video of your performance, go to "Video" and enter the ticket number. Either enter the ticket number and the word "gudauri" finding "".


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